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Flex-a-lite 4112V TransLife Transmission Oil Cooler with Cooler Guard

Application: Universal – 5″ x 15″ (3/8″ Fittings)

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Product Description

The Flex-a-lite 4112V TransLife Transmission Oil Cooler with Cooler Guard provides additional cooling to protect your transmission. Flex-a-lite oil cooler cover guards are made in the U.S., formed and punched from 1/8-inch aluminum. They securely mount on Translife oil coolers using Flex-a-lite Gator Clips (hardware is included) The design allows airflow, but protects the cooler from larger items that could potentially damage it. The covers also adds a cool, performance appearance to the oil cooler. They can be painted black to hide the cooler from being seen through the grille.

Our coolers use Turbulators inside the tubes for superior heat transfer. Tests have proven that a 20 degree drop in transmission fluid temperature can double the life of automatic transmission components. Cooler transmission oil gives more reliable, consistent shifts under racing conditions and prevents transmission damage under extreme towing conditions. Kit includes cooler, 4-feet of rubber hose, hose clamps and nylon nuts and bolts for mounting.

5″ x 15″ x 3/4″
½ inch tube diameter
3/8-inch barbed fitting
12,000 GVWR

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