Frequently Asked Questions

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) requires manufacturers selling emissions-related products for on-road use in California to obtain “certifications” for such components. By so doing, products are assigned an “Executive Order” (E.O.) number, indicating successful completion of emissions and related tests in an authorized testing facility. Failure to obtain an E.O. can result in fines and the inability of a vehicle to pass routine “Inspection and Maintenance” (I&M) tests, conducted by the state of CA. I&M tests are also being required in other states and in major air quality regions throughout the country. In addition, emissions-related specialty parts require a CARB E.O. when registering, re-registering or transferring title of a vehicle. Nationwide, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has similar requirements for emissions-related specialty aftermarket parts. Generally, parts that have been issued a CARB E.O. are acceptable by the EPA, inasmuch as CA emissions standards are typically more stringent than Federal standards. Regardless of from which perspective the CARB or EPA may be viewed, the installation of an emissions-related part or system not supported by a CARB E.O. is considered a violation of the “tampering” provisions in both the CA Vehicle Code and Federal Clean Air Act. Parts with a CARB E.O. are exempt from these provisions and clearly the safest choice for consumers. Edge Products fully supports efforts by the CARB and EPA to make certain that emissions-certified products are available to the specialty parts customer. In fact, Edge is able to meet these requirements while delivering the performance benefits for which our products are widely known. On a consistent basis, Edge applies for and obtains CARB E.O.s for its emissions-related products. It is Edge’s intention to provide customers with up-to-date, technologically state-of-the-art, street-legal parts that comply with regulatory requirements while preventing problems for the consumer when engaging in emissions test programs and registration procedures mandated by governmental agencies.

Edge has submitted their full line of aftermarket performance products for testing to ensure they are in compliance with the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) standards. Currently, all of Edge’s products for gasoline-powered vehicles have received CARB Executive Orders (E.O.s) and are legal for sale and use on gasoline-powered pollution-controlled vehicles in California. The rest of Edge’s products have been submitted for testing or are in an E.O.-pending process. We are currently testing products to become compliant. This page will be updated as applications move to the next stages of the CARB and E.O. process.