Banana Pan Replacement Oil Pan

Banana Pan Replacement Oil Pan


01-15 GM 6.6L

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The Banana Pan Replacement Oil Pan for your 2001-2015 GM 6.6L Duramax solves the issues with the factory supplied oil pan on your Duramax engine. The Stock lower Oil Pan is a compromised design and it has a “Hump” made by the transverse frame member that traps over two cups (two-thirds of a QUART!) of un-drainable, used, contaminated oil that can’t be drained during an oil change.

The Banana Pan eliminates the “Hump” and facilitates complete sump draining. With a great engine like the Duramax you’ll want a great Oil Pan like the Banana Pan, for cleaner oil and a cleaner engine. Made from durable 356-T6 Aluminum this pan is a direct fit that will bolt in place of your factory lower pan with no special tools, grinding or cutting required. The Banana Pan features a durable yellow powdercoated finish for protection and great looks.

The 2+ Cups of dirty, contaminated oil that were trapped in the sump will be gone and you will only loose about one cup of volume. If you install a remote oil filter you will regain that capacity and then some. The space around the Duramax’s lower oil pan is very restricted and there is no space to expand the lower oil pan to gain volume.

Built From Durable 356-T6 Aluminum
Direct Replacement For Factory Lower Pan
Stainless Steel Magnetic Drain Plug w/ Safety Wire