Bully Dog RFI Intake System 53152

Bully Dog RFI Intake System 53152


07.5-10 GM 6.6L LMM


The GM LMM RFI system is designed as an enclosed system and fits the 6.6L LMM GM Duramax engines. Our enclosed systems are designed with a few simple goals in mind: keep hot air out of the air intake stream, make sure systems seal tightly up to cold air sources from within the engine bay, accommodate a high flow cotton gauze air filter, and improve the look of the engine bay with a great looking intake. By following these simple goals we are able to provide colder air and more air to the engine. Thus providing better performance than a stock intake; the resulting benefits are improved fuel economy, more horsepower and torque, lower cost of ownership than some stock air intakes, and an upgraded look to engine bay. This system adds 10+ hp and 20+ lbs.ft of torque to your Duramax.
Injection Molded intake design
These all new injection molded air intakes are the result of over one year of blood, sweat, and tears. Bully Dog knows that anything worth doing is worth doing right so we have taken the time to design our new intakes to the highest standard. The injection molded intake design is engineered around three key concepts: Performance, Aesthetics, and Usability.

Intake Features:

Engineered with machine like precision
Targets Cold Air Sources
Includes High Flow, Reusable Cotton Gauze Filter
Quick Release Chrome Lid Latches For Easy Filter Maintenance