Extreme Duty Converter-Single Disc

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Extreme Duty Converter-Single Disc


94-07 Dodge 5.9L

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Are you ready to transfer all your power to the ground with more efficiency?

Then you need to check out our extreme duty converters. They put your power to the ground with improved torque efficiency, getting you the performance you desire.

Fully furnace-brazed pump and turbine assembly
Steel drive splines welded 360 degrees to the turbine versus factory rivets
Unbreakable steel stator
Lifetime warranty on stator body
Heavy duty Torrington/enclosed needle bearings
Electronically balanced
Lower operating transmission temperatures
Numerous stall speed combinations available to match vehicle/driving habits
Single disc lock-up designs using Raybestos clutch linings
Increase fuel mileage 1 to 3 mpg
Billet steel front cover

So what is stall speed? This is a widely misunderstood term. In the simplest of definitions, stall speed is the engine RPM level at which the torque converter “locks” and overcomes whatever resistance is present to turn the wheels. This resistance is the weight of the vehicle, combined with any other factors (i.e. if you have the brakes on). The higher the stall speed (the number) then, the lower the stall. This allows you to shift faster. The “89” stall speed is considered “standard” for torque converters. If you have any questions, please call us before ordering 704-290-2289

The core charge is fully refundable.

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