Garrett GT17/22 Stage II Hyrbid Turbo 170-025-0038T

Garrett GT17/22 Stage II Hyrbid Turbo 170-025-0038T


99.5-03 Volkswagen 1.9L TDI


The Garrett® GT17/22 Stage II Hybird is a performance upgrade / replacement turbocharger available to the Aftermarket for Volkswagen 1.9L TDI ALH Engines. The GT17/22 comes equiped with a smart actuator, an industry exclusive, and a position sensor, which enables the turbocharger to communicate automatically with the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The kit is easy to install and suitable as a performance upgrade turbocharger. The Garrett VW TDI Kit also promotes a longer turbo and engine life span and increased reliability by lowering exhaust gas temperatures. Stage II Hybrid is designed for cars with aftermarket tuning and upgraded fuel delivery systems.


Increased compressor flow over stock
Can support up to estimated 175hp
Turbine, compressor and oil connections fit with no modifications
Includes smart actuator with position sensor (separate EGR adaptor tube required)
Highest performance, durability and reliability in the industry
For use on: Volkswagen ALH TDI Engines

*Compressor outlet adapter required