Industrial Injection Phatshaft 64 Turbo

Industrial Injection Phatshaft 64 Turbo


94-02 Dodge 5.9L (Mild Fuel Upgrades)


The PhatShaft 64 is mid range replacement turbo for towing. The PhatShaft can be purchased with a 12cm or 14cm turbine housing although we suggest sticking with the 14cm exhaust housing. The benefit of the 14cm exhaust housing is lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures, however, it will be slower to spool in daily driving situations. The original PhatShaft 64 features a 64mm compressor with extended tip technology.

The wategate is set at 45psi. All PhatShaft turbochargers are equipped with dual grooved bearings and a adjustable boost elbow. The original PhatShaft compliments moderate fueling upgrades and can support 300 – 550hp. HX40 downpipe and clamp are required for installation.

*Note: 14CM housing not recommended on 12-valve trucks under 500HP.

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12CM Housing (320-600HP), 14CM Housing (350-650HP), 12cm-housing-350-550hp, 14cm-housing-350-550hp