Snow Performance 46015 MPG-MAX Water-Methanol Injection System

Snow Performance 46015 MPG-MAX Water-Methanol Injection System


Universal – RV Pusher Applications


The Snow Performance 46015 MPG MAX Water-Methanol Injection System is a must-have for your Diesel Pusher RV or Motorhome. This MPG MAX water-methanol injection system is the only one proven to increase fuel economy in all load states. Special mapping and the most sophisticated 2-dimensional mapped digital controller available result in 10-20% MPG increases! *Includes 40ft wire harness specifically designed with these RV’s in mind.

Since these systems see large Fuel Economy increases with just the injection of water, one of the big benefits with this system is the use of the existing 50-100+ gallon Fresh Water tanks on onboard these RV’s to serve as an even larger capacity reservoir and that means thousands of miles of maintenance-free use”. Costs of running becomes extremely low with huge return on investment!

The benefits of the Diesel Pusher RV/ Motorhome MPG MAX system are many:
Increases Fuel Economy (.75-2mpg depending on application and fluid used)
Advanced controller automatically meters correct amount of injection.
Helps clean intake, valves and combustion chambers (counteracts EGR gunking and carbon deposits)