South Bend K0503FTDI-SS Stage 3 Clutch – VW

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South Bend K0503FTDI-SS Stage 3 Clutch – VW

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09-13 Volkswagen Golf/Jetta 2.0L TDI

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South Bend Clutch has been hard at work designing performance clutches for the Volkswagen TDI applications. With multiple stages to choose from with upgraded Friction materials, pressure plates & flywheels you can rest easy knowing that the South Bend Clutch will hold up to anything you can throw at it. This combination will deliver a smooth engagement with unsurpassed durability at every power level.

It is important that care be used while choosing the proper clutch for your application. Use the torque guide below to help select the proper clutch for your application.

Stage 3 Daily (470 ft-lbs)
This clutch package is designed for high HP vehicles desiring a start performance similar to O.E. The pressure plate has a significant load increase over stage 1,2 pressure plates (+600-800 lbs.). Expect a pedal effort increase of 20%-25%. Discs are assembled with heat-treated wear resistant hubs; drive plates and springs for high load transfer and dependable operation. The sprung centers on the disc in conjunction with the marcel fin between the linings create a dual dampening effect that simulates O.E. start performance. A Performance Organic friction material with a high metal content increases torque and RPM capability and maintains low operating temperatures which reduces wear and glazing.

Recommended Usage:

  • Daily Driving
  • “Spirited” Street Driving
  • Occasional Track Use

Stage 3 Endurance (485 ft-lbs)
Recommended for single mass flywheel (SMF) when original design is DMF to achieve optimal performance. This kit uses the same pressure plate as stage 3 daily package. The disc is designed for the special needs of a vehicle with circuit racing in mind. Kevlar friction material is used for its unique static to dynamic ratios of friction co-efficients at high energy levels. This translates to a perfect transition from one gear to the next. Discs are assembled with only performance components and equipped with torsion springs functioning as a damper between engine and gearbox.

Recommended Usage:

  • Rally Racing
  • Endurance Racing
  • Autocross
  • Street & Daily Driving

Stage 3 Drag (575 ft-lbs)
This clutch package is built to handle heavily modified cars and designed to function according to the specific needs of the 1/4 and 1/8 mile track. The pressure plate for this kit is engineered to disengage with less pedal travel shortening the shift time. Discs are a puck design, which reduces rotational mass and are assembled with all high carbon component pieces for maximum strength. The friction material used is Graphite impregnated Ceramic perfectly suited for drag racing because of its maximum friction co-efficient, rapid heat dissipation and abrupt engagement characteristics.

Recommended Usage:

  • Drag Racing

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