Valair Heavy Duty Upgrade Clutch NMU70G56-04

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Valair Heavy Duty Upgrade Clutch NMU70G56-04


05.5-12 Dodge 5.9/6.7L 6 Speed *600HP & 1100Ft-lbs.

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G56 Gear rollover facts: When converting a G56 transmission over to a solid mass flywheel vs. dual mass flywheel, gear rollover is inevitable. Gear rollover noise is often heard when the vehicle is idling or under a load in low RPM ranges (often referred to as sounding like marbles in the transmission). This is completely normal. Gear rollover noise is caused by reverse engine spike and can in most cases be drastically reduced by simply changing the oil in the transmission or reducing engine spike produced by inadequate engine components (ex. misfiring injector, FCA problems, Electronic programming). The oil recommended by the transmission manufacture Mercedes-Benz is ÐMobil Delvac Synthetic Transmission Fluid 50.Ó We at Valair Inc. recommend draining completely and refilling with 7 quarts. Only 6 quarts will fit when utilizing the fill hole, the final quart will need to be filled through the shift tower. Ceramic/Ceramic 600HP & 1100 Ft-lbs. These clutches utilize ceramic buttons on both sides of the clutch disc and are aimed at the performance trucks. Driving manners are very performance oriented with no clutch slip, basically the clutch is in, or it is out. Great holding capacity for modified trucks, the only way you will get more holding power is to go to a Dual Disc Clutch setup. Ceramic is a very hard material so typically flywheel wear is more noticeable using a ceramic clutch than with other materials. This clutch has a small window of usage, ideally suited to trucks with performance power modifications that do not intend to tow with there truck. (Not recommended for towing) If you plan on drag racing/ sled pulling or doing boosted launches you will need a Dual Disc Clutch. Features: 13.00″ x 1.375″ Performance Replacement Ceramic Buttons HD Spring Hub Rated @ 600HP / 1100 ft lbs Torque 3400# Pressure Plate Kit Includes: New G56 Solid Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Clutch Disc, Release Bearing, HD Pilot Bearing, Bolt Kit, and Alignment Tool & Upgraded HD Hydraulic Kit NMU70HYD-03