Snow Performance 45005 MPG-MAX Water-Methanol Injection System

Snow Performance 45005 MPG-MAX Water-Methanol Injection System


VW 1.9 & 2.0 TDI


The Snow Performance 45005 MPG-MAX™ VW TDi water/methanol injection system provides more power, and excellent fuel economy increases. The The MPG-MAX™ system uses a new injection management controller that allows for a small spray of water/methanol to be injected across the power band. This provides an increase in combustion efficiency which provides more power without injecting more diesel fuel. This increase in efficiency translates into an increase in fuel economy. Independent testing by Diesel World Magazine showed fuel economy increases of 5%-15% (4 MPG on the TDi)and Power increases of 35 hp/ 40 lb. ft. lbs in a 2010 Jetta TDi.

The MPG-MAX™ system has a secondary output that is used to activate a Power Mode. This introduces a second phase of injection. A larger nozzle is used to inject more fluid to make more power. The Power Mode activation point is adjustable for best performance. This allows for more injection when more power is needed.
The MPG-MAX™ system has been coupled with the Snow Performance 2.5 Gallon trunk mount reservoir to provide a large fluid tank. This will provide long range and includes the necessary installation hardware.
Also, the system has an LCD screen that displays boost, exhaust gas temps and injection pump output. This means a savings of $200-300 in gauges you don’t have to buy.

2.5 Gallon Reservoir not shown.


1. Will not adversely effect PM filter (particulate matter filter) like most other power adders.
2. Adds 40hp safely.
3. Doesn’t leave a “signature” on vehicles computer so warranty isn’t jeopardized.
4. Comes complete with large 2.5 gal. reservoir and all parts for VW for a truly complete system.
5. The most advanced system on the market – true 2d mapping/ 2- nozzles controlled independently for smooth power always.
6. The only system proven to improve fuel economy.
7. Dash mounted module – displays real time – no need for gauges.