Snow Performance Tow-Max Water-Methanol Injection System

Snow Performance Tow-Max Water-Methanol Injection System


Universal – All Makes & Models


Water-methanol is a proven and most effective method of reducing EGT’s while towing. The Tow-Max™ advanced controller uses a 2d map with boost and EGT’s for the most correct injection and smoother power. Snow Performance took the best features of the Stage 3 Boost Cooler and improved them. The net effect is smooth power in all engine load states with no combustion quench resulting in a true turn-on-and-forget system. It also has an LCD screen that displays boost, EGTs and injection pump output. This means a savings of $200-300 in gauges you don’t have to buy.

Why it’s cool:

Safe Power – Use all your power while towing. No need to revert back to mild tune while towing.

Versatility – easily adapts to load for correct injection towing or empty.

Torque – adds up to 150 lb-ft tq for towing the heaviest loads.

Fuel economy – consistent 9% increases*

Designed as a chemical intercooler for turbo-diesel applications for increased air density and power, the Boost Cooler® also conditions combustion so more fuel and boost can be utilized safely. Methanol acts as an additional fuel source and water cools combustion as evidenced by cooler exhaust gas temperatures. The key is atomization and by injecting at over 250psi through a nozzle that spins the fluid supersonically before forcing it through a venturi-shaped orifice, cooling and power are unparalleled

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96-14 Dodge, 01-15 GM, 94-03 Ford 7.3L, 03-14 Ford 6.0L/6.4L/6.7L, Universal Kit, 96-14-dodge, 01-15-gm, 94-03-ford-7-3l, 03-14-ford-6-0l6-4l6-7l, universal-kit