South Bend Dyna Max Clutch (Single Mass Flywheel Kit)(Incl. Flywheel) – Ford

South Bend Dyna Max Clutch (Single Mass Flywheel Kit)(Incl. Flywheel) – Ford

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Solid Flywheel Conversion Kits

Con O stands for performance Organic linings,
OFE stands for a combination of Organic & Feramic linings,
FE stands for all Feramic linings on the clutch disk.
The pressure plates have been modified for a higher plate load.

All clutch kits include everything needed to do the job including our Kevlar® pilot bushing.

Our part numbers are as follows:

94-98 Power Stroke – MU 1944 5sp – Stock Power
94-98 Power Stroke – MU 1944 Con O 5 sp – 350 hp, 750 ft lbs of torque
94-98 Power Stroke – MU 1944 Con OFE 5 sp – 450 hp, 900 ft lbs of torque

Options Available:

1. Con O – Using 2 Performance Organic Facings (Smooth engagement)
2. Con OFE – Using 1 Performance Organic & 1 Feramic Facing (Moderate engagement)
3. Con FE – Using 2 Feramic Facings (Possible rough engagement)

KEVLAR® Pilot Bushing

The nylon KEVLAR® composite absorbs the vibration that the Ford diesels create. This bushing can also be used as a repair bushing to run with a scored input shaft thus saving dollars on the cost of a new input shaft.

With all our Ford clutch kits, a Kevlar pilot bushing will be included. This is a $40 value!


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MU1944 5sp Stock Power, MU1944 Con O 5sp – 350 hp 750 ft lbs TQ, MU1944 Con OFE 5sp 450 hp 900 ft lbs TQ, mu1944-5sp-stock-power, mu1944-con-o-5sp-350-hp-750-ft-lbs-tq, mu1944-con-ofe-5sp-450-hp-900-ft-lbs-tq